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Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide | Destination Elopement Photographer

Elopements may be smaller and more intimate than an ordinary wedding bash, but there are still quite a few details that can be put into an Elopement! There are so many things to consider like what you’re going to wear, who you want to spend the day with, and all down to what epic location you’ll want to have your elopement. This Ultimate Elopement planning guide will help you out tremendously!

No matter if you to have a ton of details on your elopement day and or if you only want a few make your elopement special and do what matters to the both of you. Simply work your way through the list and see what you want to included on your dream elopement!

Bride & Groomultimate elopement planning guide


Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide

Bridal Dress

Every bride deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day! When it comes to what you wear during your elopement the options are endless. I have seen couples go pretty casual and I have seen couples go all out. A lot of the elopement brides I work with tend to buy their dresses from Lulus, Reclamation, or Grace Loves Lace! If you choose to do a hiking elopement you’ll definitely want to wear normal hiking clothes for the hike and then once you reach your epic location you can change into your beautiful outfit.

Groom Outfit

The grooms have it fairly easy, but there are many details that you can add to a groom’s outfit to add a fun personal touch! For example, you could wear crazy socks, a printed bow tie, suspenders, etc. Adding things like this will create the opportunity for some fun details images for your photographer to capture as well!

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Depending on what season you decide to elope in will determine what type of shoes you wear! If you opt for a dreamy winter elopement you’ll want to wear your snow boots, if you go on a hiking elopement you’ll want to wear your hiking boots and if you elope during the summer on the beach you’ll probably not want to wear any shoes at all!


I have seen ladies do their own make up and I have seen them hire someone to do it as well! If you want to be pampered and relax as much as possible I would definitely hire someone to do it, but if you’re a makeup guru then why not do it yourself?! Either way, be sure to try out a few different looks to see what you love the most. You can also check out this article for 5 Steps for a Glowing Complexion on Your Wedding Day!

Hair & Head Piece

How your wear your hair really depends on the type of dress you wear! Sure, there are other factors, but that is definitely the biggest! As far as a head piece goes, I have seen people wear a veil, a flower crown, beautiful clips, etc. Check out this article for some stunning hair accessories!


When it comes to elopements most people don’t have a clutch, but I have seen some girls bring a vintage style clutch that was an heirloom for some pictures and detail shots! However, if you are going on a hiking elopement you’ll definitely have a backpack with your dress and all the goods in it!

Vendorselopement planning guide

Elopement Photographer

This is so important and I am not just saying this because I am a photographer! I look at my wedding pictures ALL the time and I wasn’t even a photographer when I got married. These will last forever and in the end all you will have left is your memories and your pictures! Why not hire your dream photographer?! Be sure to choose a photographer whose style you love, but most importantly with someone whom you get along well with as they will be with you on the most important day of your life!

Another reason to quickly book your elopement photographer is because they can help you with picking out your dream location! Not every photographer provides this as part of their service, but I provide personal location scouting for every couple. I have couples come to me with no idea where they want to elope and I absolutely love helping pick out their dream location. If you’re looking for an elopement photographer I would love to help guide you through planning your dream elopement! Contact me HERE and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Hiring a videographer may be little less popular for an elopement, but it will last forever as well and can be such an amazing way to remember your special day!

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners really can be SO helpful and can help you with anything and everything! Especially if you are getting married outside of your area they will be able to help you find vendors and give you knowledge about the area.


Elopement Planning Guide and Tips


Bouquets truly add a stunning element to any elopement! This is a great way to add a personal touch to your elopement. You can go simple or you could go all out with a large bouquet! Check out this article to see the 12 different types of bouquets.


Men can also enjoy having a bit of floral fun! Adding a fun pop of color can really make a groom look well dressed and put-together.

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If you wear a pair of earrings or necklace they can truly pull your entire look together! I also love it when the guys wear their favorite watch which can make you look so dapper!

Ceremony Decor

There are a million different things you could do for your ceremony! You could have a stunning arch with florals, you could stand a fun boho rug or you could have nothing and opt to have an incredible backdrop with mountains in the back. Take a look at this article for some some ceremony decor inspiration!

Ceremonyplanning a destination wedding


Elopement Planning Guide


This may be hardest part of planning your elopement, because there are so many incredible spots! You can go on a hiking elopement in Colorado. You can go international and make it a destination. The options are endless! Check out these articles for some venue and location ideas!

10 Mountain Top Wedding Venues in Colorado

10 National Parks to Elope In

10 Incredible Places You Want to Elope

10 Amazing Iceland Elopement Locations

Legal Documents

If you are getting married local this will be pretty standard and simple for you to do, but if you decide to get married in a different state or country be sure to do your research to see what documents you are going to need. However, in order to avoid the hassle a lot of couples get married legally where they live and have their destination elopement ceremony be symbolical!

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This correlates to the above and if you decide to have a symbolical ceremony or not! I have seen it done both ways and they both work out beautifully it’s just a matter of your own personal preference. One of my favorite things about Colorado is that you can self-solemnize!


Some people opt to have their nearest and dearest family and friends to celebrate with while other choose for it to be just the two of them! When couples elope they usually aren’t trying to leave people out, but they want to have an intimate experience. If you want to elope with just the two of you, but want to keep your family involved somehow read How to Keep Family Involved in Your Elopement.  


Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have a first dance! If the two of you have a special song take a dance in the mountains and have a special and romantic moment between you two after your ceremony. This truly creates such a sweet moment for couples!


All I can say is don’t forget to take these along!


Take a moment to decide if you want to do personalized or traditional vows! I have seen it done both ways and they are special no matter what. This is really a personal preference! If you have an officiant be sure to keep them in the loop.

Receptionelopement planning tips


At the end of your elopement day you can do whatever you two want! You can roast marshmallows by a fire, go to your favorite cafe, have a fancy dinner at your favorite restaurant or even hit up your favorite taco shop!


If you have a more intimate wedding with some family then you could always have a donut or dessert bar, or if it’s just the two of you why not go to the ice cream shop you love?!


Champagne toasts are always such a fun way to celebrate getting hitched! I mean popping a champagne bottle in the mountains is pretty dang fun and makes for some awesome pictures and memories.

Travelelopement checklist



Don’t forget about your Airbnb or hotel for the night before and after! Also, consider having your honeymoon where you have your elopement if you opt for a destination elopement, because it will save you travel time, money and you won’t be exhausted!


If you have to fly to your elopement location be sure to be patient when buying tickets to keep an eye out for the best deals! There are some awesome sites like Scott’s Cheap Travel and Million Mile Secrets to try to find the cheapest flights and travel hacks!

Car Rental/Cab/Train Tickets

Don’t forget about all these little things! Depending on where you are you may not need all these forms of transportation, but if you are don’t overlook them and be sure to have the cash handy to buy tickets.


Elopement Planning Guide and Tips

Wedding Announcements

A lot of couples who elope send out wedding announcements after they elope to share a bit of their day with their loved ones and the family members usually love them!

Dinner or BBQ to celebrate

Many couple’s enjoy going out to dinner or having a backyard BBQ with friends and family to celebrate their marriage! This helps family feel like they are special and still involved in a small way! I’ve written a more in depth article on What To Do After Eloping. Be sure to check it out!


I hope you found this Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide helpful! If you are beginning to plan your elopement I would love to help guide your through planning your dream elopement and be a part of your special day! Click >HERE< to contact me to chat about your vision!


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