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Photography Mentorship

Are you looking to grow your buisness and get your dream couples to pop into your inbox?

I mean, who isn't, right?!

I am SO excited to meet you, to get to know you and to learn all about your business!

The photography industry can be hard! I totally get it.

Which is why I want to help YOU!

I'm a self-taught photographer and have been in the industry for 5 years and have grown my own little business to bring in six figures!

No, 6-figures isn't what the dream is all about though.

It's about creating a business that works for you and creating a schedule that fits the lifestyle that you're dreaming of!

I want you to be able to say 'NO' to the inquires that you don't jive with.

Sounds AMAZING right?! 

Hey, I'm Courtney!

So, how does this work?

Your mentorship call is catered to you and your business!

Here's the jist!

Fill out the form below with all the info so that I can make sure that I'll be able to help you! I want to make sure that we'll be a good fit for each other!

01. Fill out the contact form below! 

WHOO-HOO!! You're ready for the next step to creating the business you want! You'll make the payment to secure book your call with and then we'll schedule a 2-Hour Zoom call!

02. Book your call!

Before we hop on our call together, I'll send over an in depth questionnaire to get to know you, your business and your goals before we chat. I'll also review your website so that I can learn as much about your business beforehand!

03. Help me get to know your goals

It's time for our 2-Hour Zoom call where we will talk about your goals, where you're at and how to get there! We can spend this time talking about whatever you want to learn about!

04. Let the fun begin!

The best recipe for success and the best way that I can help you is to schedule monthly calls together so that we can track your goals and I can check up on the homework I give you each month!

05. Keep up monthly calls for success

What's it cost?

one time in-depth 2-hour call

What will we chat about?
-Website setup
-Client communication

6 month coaching package

We'll be able to go over all the goods during our initial call and follow up each month with a 1- hour Zoom call to check in on your goals, how you're doing and make any adjustments to help you create your goals!

In person Photography coaching

This will an intense deep dive into your business along with a couple's shoot so that I can guide you through posing, helping a couple feel comfortable, edit together, etc.

This will be a 4-hour long meeting including the shoot where we discuss everything you want, go over your website, ask me all the questions and I can help you get your feet on the groun

What are you looking to get out of this mentorship?

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