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Eloping in Oregon

If you're considering eloping in Oregon I think you've made a pretty darn good decision! It's seriously impossible to go wrong with choosing a location in Oregon for your elopement.

There is pretty much every single type of scenery located here in Oregon! No matter if you want to say your vows by a waterfall, in the mountains, a forest, a peaceful meadow, a desert, or a lake--Oregon has it all! 

Here is a small Oregon Elopement guide full of the best places to elope in Oregon, elopement tips and lots of more resources!

best places to elope in Oregon

Elope in Oregon

Learn More About Eloping in Oregon

1. Week days work best!

2. All day elopements!

4. Have a Sunset or Sunrise elopement!

3. Want to avoid rain?

A weekday elopement will typically be your best choice to avoid crowds! There are a lot of gorgeous locations in Oregon which attract all the hikers, bikers and tourists wanting to explore the sites especially if you have a summer elopement. So, opting to have a week day elopement will be best to have a more intimate day! 

If you don't want a winter elopement, then definitely choose a date between the late spring and early fall! Although the weather can be unpredictable at times opting for a time during the summer will give you the best chances of avoiding the rain. The western part of Oregon is a lot more wet than the eastern part! If you want more options for all year around eloping in Bend is the way to go!

If you have your elopement during sunrise or sunset it will provide the most gorgeous light for those stunning portraits to hang up in your home! This is another way to avoid crowds and have the most private elopement especially if you want to get married by a waterfall. If you want to elope by a waterfall like Latourell Falls, I highly recommend having a sunrise elopement.

This is one of the most important days of your life. You may be eloping, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to have a day full of epic adventures! Imagine only having pictures from 2 hours of your elopement day.. Our memories are fleeting and this day is going to be your anniversary for the rest of your life. I want you to look back and remember it like it was yesterday! 

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The Oregon Coast

Cannon Beach

cape kiwanda

hug point

Cannon Beach is a quaint coastal city. It is filled with coves, gorgeous cliffs, and sea caves! One of the most well known landmarks is Haystack Rock, which is 235 feet tall.

Cape Kiwanda is known for is crashing waves which makes is a fantastic place to go boating! There are also sand dunes along the beach which provide for some beautiful views of haystack rock. There are also many cliffs and rocks to provide multiple types of scenery!

Hug Point is only a few miles from Cannon Beach and is an incredible place for an elopement! There is a waterfall situated next to a cove which creates the perfect back drop for your vows.

best places to elope in oregon

Oregon Elopement Locations

Oregon Elopement Photographer

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The Columbia Gorge

Latourell falls

government cove

Mt. hood

Latourell Falls is an epic waterfall that will create the perfect backdrop for your vows! The 224 foot waterfall pours over the top tall pillars making it easily one of the most photogenic waterfalls along the Columbia George River.

Government Cover has incredible views of the Columbia Gorge River. There are many different rock formations and places to reach the river for multiple locations for photo opts.

Mt. Hood is a stunning mountain peak that can be seen from pretty much everywhere in Portland. There are an endless amount of gorgeous hikes and the Columbia George River runs along the edge of Mt. Hood Forest which creates even more opportunities for some incredibly rad activities! 

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Best Places to Elope in Oregon

Eastern Oregon & Bend

smith rock state park

Steens mountain

painted hills

Smith Rock State Park is Oregon version of Zion National Park and it is pretty spectacular. It's full of incredible waterfalls, snow capped mountains and comes with desert vibes as well! The possibilities are endless here!

Steens Mountain in Oregon has a desert vibe, because it gets hardly any rain. There is a vast amount of cracked earth and a few gorges. If you're looking for a desert-like elopement be sure to check out Steens!

Painted Hills is an incredible place. The hills are covered in gold, red, and yellow. It seriously looks like it's from another planet which is pretty dang cool! 

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Eloping in Oregon

All day Elopement Example Timeline

1:30pm: Spend time getting ready, write love notes & capture details
2:45pm: Put on dress
3:00pm: Have a romantic first look
3:30pm: Hop in jeep and head to location, stop and get out along the way for epic portraits, crack open a beer
5:30pm: Arrive at location, explore and adventure around, find perfect ceremony spot
8:00pm: Ceremony
8:30pm: Sunset and final portraits
8:45pm: Head back to Airbnb
10:00pm: private chef awaits and have incredible meal (if you don't want a private chef, a bonfire with s'mores is so fun too!)
11:30pm: Photo coverage wraps up!

Here is an example of a timeline for a 10 hour elopement day! When a couple books me I send out a questionnaire about their hobbies and what they like to do in order to come up with an epic elopement day full of fun adventures for you to remember for a lifetime! I offer 4, 6, 9 and 12 hour packages and if what you want to do doesn't fit into one of these categories I can create a special elopement package just for you!

Oregon Elopement Photographer

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I am so flipping stoked that you landed here! I'm an Intimate Wedding and Elopement Photographer for couples across the world. Eloping is about getting married exactly how you want and I am here to turn your dream into a reality. I'm here to be the best friggin' guide you've ever had!  

Don't know where you want to elope? Don't worry, I got you! I absolutely love to location scout for my couples. After I've heard about your vision and what you're looking for I'm gonna send you a list full of epic locations that are perfect for you!

I'm also here to keep your day as stress-free as possible. I'm not about stressing out and I especially don't want you losing your mind on your elopement day and that's why I create the perfect timeline for your day and give you  all the tips, tricks and advice on what to expect going into your elopement day.

How does that sound?! If you yelled, HECK YEAH!!, then I'm so stoked to hear from you!


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