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What To Do After Eloping

Elopements are such an incredible way to get married! You and your fiance have decided to elope and get married exactly how and where you want and I think that is SO awesome. I believe that your elopement day matters and that it’s just as important as someone who has a traditional wedding. Some couples want to have a ‘just us’ experience on their elopement day while other decide to have their absolute closest friends celebrate with them on their elopement day and both are just as special and intimate! Whether you’re a couple who wants to have a two person elopement or a 10 person elopement, but want to find a way to celebrate with your extended family and are wondering what to do after eloping then I got some awesome tips on how you can celebrate after your elopement!

couple dancing during their elopement

What to Do After Eloping

1. Send an Elopement Announcement Card

Now, there are a few ways to celebrate your elopement afterwards and by no means is this something that you HAVE to do. If you want to celebrate with friends and family afterwards that is totally up to you and if you don’t feel the need or desire to, but want to let your friends and family know that you’re now married you can send an elopement announcement card in the mail. You can included a few of your epic images from your day and write a small note about how you two got married!

A couple is planning what to do after eloping.

2. You don’t need to splurge to celebrate your elopement | What to do after eloping

Couple’s choose to elope for many reasons. A few of them being that they don’t like to be the center of attention and they want to spend their money on what matters to them. So, don’t feel any pressure to put on a crazy party or reception! You can put together a casual backyard BBQ to celebrate with lawn games or you could even just invite everyone out to dinner to celebrate.

Some other ideas for places to hold a party or reception would be a park or even a space in a near by national or state park! When you get outside you can use nature as your decor and you get to enjoy being outdoors while celebrating. Even better if you ask me!

You could also rent an Airbnb and hold a celebration there if you need a larger place! You could easily get friends or family to pitch in to spend the evening there after a day of celebrating

When you invite your guests feel free to keep the invites as simple as creating a Facebook event and inviting people that way or even buy cards where you just have to fill in dates and locations! You’re already married so there really isn’t a need or any pressure to go crazy!This is a beautiful couple eloping in the mountains.

3. Wear whatever you want to your party

No matter how you decide to celebrate you don’t feel like you have to wear a white dress. If you want to get another use out of the gorgeous dress you eloped in then go for it!! But, if you’d rather be be more casual or wear something else then do that. It’s all about celebrating your marriage in a way that you want!

4. Don’t feel the need to invite everyone

You dodged the big wedding because trying to figure out who to invite and who not to invite sounded stressful right? So, keep it casual and don’t worry about trying to included every single person. It’s about you two so invite those who actually matter to you and you’d enjoy spending time and celebrating your marriage with!

You could send out announcements to some people letting them know that you’re now married while inviting others to a party to celebrate with you.what to do after you elope

Elope and have a party later!

5. You can wait to have a party

Don’t feel the need to have a party or reception right away after eloping. You can wait as long or as little as you want! If you have go the route of having a larger celebration then you can always push it out to save up whatever money you need to put it on. If you go the route of having a potluck or BBQ in the backyard or a park then very little money would be needed and you could celebrate sooner if you wanted to!

what to do after you elope

No matter what how you decide to celebrate remember to not feel any pressure to put on a big celebration, because you’re already married and you eloped because you wanted to avoid that! If you don’t want to have a party afterwards that is totally okay, too!! If you want some alternative ways to include family without having them at your elopement or throwing a party check out this other post on How to Keep Family Involved During Your Elopement!

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What to Do After You Elope | Courtney Lynn

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