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How to Plan the Epic Elopement Timeline of Your Dreams

Elopement Timeline Planning

Elopements mean so much more now than they once did. They carry a different meaning than just running off randomly and getting married. And guess what? Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean that you deserve any less than someone who is having a traditional wedding. You deserve to plan out the most epic elopement timeline you could imagine.

I believe that your elopement day matters.

It’s still your wedding day and it’s a day that you’re going to look back on and remember for the rest of your life. Your elopement day is so much more than just your vows and pretty pictures–although extremely important!

Elopements are about the entire experience that you have on your wedding day. It’s story that deserves to be told from beginning to end. So am I insinuating that you have an all day elopement? You bet I am.

I totally understand that this is something that you probably have never heard of and might think is odd, but let me tell you how far from the truth that is! Someone who is having a traditional wedding typically won’t settle for anything less than 8 hours, right? They want the whole shabang captured. Well, guess what?! You deserve to have the whole shabang captured, too!

Elopements are about crafting a day around the two of you. It’s putting your love story into an epic adventure that encompasses who the two of you are!

You deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams. It’s something that you should hold onto and embrace. Your day deserves to be documented from start to finish so that you can look back on this day and remember it like it was yesterday. That’s why you won’t see me offering any packages for only a couple hours, because I believe it’s a story that deserves to be told and remembered.

elopement timeline tips

How to Plan an Elopement Timeline–What do you do all day?

First of all, there are absolutely no rules to eloping! If you can dream it up, you can do it! I love to help paint a picture to my couples by asking them some questions like this:

What would be the best day that the two of you could create from start to finish? What do you want the view to look like when you wake up in the morning? What do you want the weather to be like? What would be the backdrop of your dreams for your vows? How do you want to celebrate that? What type of adventure do you want to go on together?

As soon as they start to think about these things and dream it all up, their mind is opened up to all of the possibilities. The things that they come up with to these questions they could with out a doubt spend doing and fill up time for 8 or more hours!

You can spend time exploring multiple areas, checking out different views and enjoying multiple activities to celebrate.

So, when it comes down to it, when a couple realizes that there are no limits, they can’t fit what they want to do into small time slot, and why should they?!

They way I see it is that this is your day. This is your shot. This is the time for you to shine and say, “We’re doing this for us!” Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have the wild and epic day you want. Go all out on your wedding day and have it documented from beginning to end, because you 100% percent deserve that!

Now that you’re mind has been opened and you have some epic ideas and want to go on the adventure of your life where you say your vows, and have a wild experience, you’re thinking you have no idea where to start or how to go about planning your elopement.

Don’t worry, I got you! One of the ways that I help to create a unique experience for you is that I’ll help guide you through every step to plan the elopement of your dreams. Most couples come to me with a vague idea of what they want and tend to be extremely flexible as they’re not even sure if that’s what they want!

I’ll hop in the caravan with you and guide you step-by-step to start planning your elopement timeline which includes everything from location, activities, additional vendors, outfits, gear and so on and so forth!

When it comes down to it, this day is about you and crafting an entire experience around the two of you. Don’t think of it as an 8 hour posed photo shoot–HECK NO!! I am there to document and capture your real emotions and entire experience and adventures. I here to be your guide, your location scouter, your dress holder and to provide you with some epic images of the best day of your life.

how to plan an elopement timeline

how to put together a timeline for your elopement

Planning an Elopement Timeline–What does an all day elopement timeline look like?

Every timeline is crafted specifically for each couple around their desires. When you look at these timelines view them as inspiration only, because your day will most likely look completely different! Every day has a different look, because every couple is different and has a different vision for their elopement!

Here is an example of a 10 hour consecutive elopement timeline!

  • 1:30pm: spend time getting ready–hair, makeup, getting fancied up
  • 2:45pm: send groom off to first look location while bride finishes getting ready and puts dress on
  • 3:00pm: have a romantic first look
  • 3:30pm: hop in jeep and head to ceremony location, stop and get out along the way for epic portraits, crack open a beer
  • 5:30pm: arrive at ceremony location, explore and adventure around, find the perfect ceremony spot
  • 6:30pm: enjoy a picnic with cheese, crackers, wine, whatever you want!
  • 8:00pm: ceremony and vows, enjoy a first dance
  • 8:30pm: sunset and final portraits
  • 8:45pm: head back to airbnb
  • 10:00pm: arrive back at AirBnb and enjoy a bonfire with s’mores (if you don’t want a private chef, a bonfire with s’mores is so fun too!)
  • 11:30pm: photo coverage wraps up!


Here is an example of a 12 hour elopement timeline with a break in the day!

  • 3:30am: we meet at trail head
  • 4:00am: start the hike
  • 5:30am: get to the top of the hike, time to allow couple to cool down, relax and get ready for ceremony
  • 6:15am: alpenglow has started, enjoy a first look
  • 6:30am: sunrise has began, start ceremony & vows
  • 7:00am: pop champagne bottle to celebrate, take some portraits at the top
  • 7:45am: start to hike down the mountain
  • 9:30am: arrive back down
  • 4:30pm: meet back up at Airbnb
  • 4:45pm: hop in jeep to head into the national park
  • 5:30pm: enjoy drive and hop out where we want for pictures and exploring
  • 6:30pm: arrive at lake, explore around
  • 7:30pm: sunset, wrap up final portraits
  • 8:00pm: head back to Airbnb
  • 9:00pm: arrive back at Airbnb where a private chef awaits, enjoy meal and drinks
  • 10:30pm: wrap up photo coverageadventurous couple hugging as they have their ceremony as they planned their day

Elopement Timeline

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start planning your elopement day and elopement timeline!

Craft the day you want–not what others think you want

As you start planning your day or considering eloping you might hear ‘Oh you only need a few hours’ or you shouldn’t go that far away for your wedding. You’re eloping for a reason–to be able to have the day that you truly want and not to impress friends or family. Don’t let others influence your decision to have the day that you actually want.

The day will go by so fast and memories fade away, but images will last a lifetime. Be sure you actually value your day and the time that you spend with each other on such an epic day.

Allow time so that you can truly enjoy your day

As I had mentioned above–time flies, but I want you to, and you should be able to fully enjoy every moment throughout your day. The more time you have you won’t feel rushed like you have to hurry up for the next thing.

While creating an elopement timeline is an important aspect, it’s also important to remember to allow and leave time for those adventures so you don’t have to rush. What if during that drive you spot a place that you love and want to enjoy? You should feel rushed through that experience.

Remember that it takes time to get in and out of cars and to walk here and there. This tends to be something that couples will initially overlook, but it’s critical to implement those transition times into your elopement timeline as well!

Remember–there are no rules to eloping!

There are no rules to eloping. Don’t forget that.

Leave all logistics behind when you think of how you want you day to go–I’ll help you and guide you through the actual planning and logistics! Do you want to go on a helicopter ride? Do you want to go skiing or snowboarding on your elopement day? Do you want to take a sunset boat ride? Do you want to go jeeping through the mountains?

Whatever is on your heart and however you want to celebrate–I’ll help you make it happen.

couple eloping in the mountains on their elopement day

So, no matter what kind of day you craft, remember it’s about the two of you committing your lives together in an epic way. Why not start out your lives together in a way that you’ve always dreamed? Shouldn’t you have the wild wedding experience of your dreams?

I believe that.


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How to Plan an Elopement Timeline | Courtney Lynn

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