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I'm so friggin' stoked you landed here! I'm an Adventure Elopement Photographer in Montana, but my role is so much more than just an Elopement Photographer. I don't just book you, show up and say byeeeeee! Getting to know you is extremely important to me so that I create the ultimate elopement experience that's crafted around you. We'll be spending a lot of time together and I want to make sure we'll be a great fit so that your elopement day can be the best it possibly can be.

I'm here to make your life SO much easier and I'm so excited to do so!! I'm all about keeping your day and planning process as stress-free as possible. I'm not about stressing out and I especially don't want you losing your mind on your elopement day! I'm here to guide you through every single step.

So, if you're looking for an adventurous, meaningful and wild elopement experience then let's friggin' do this!!

Hey, I'm Courtney!

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Yep! You heard me right. I'm definitely suggesting you have an all day elopement, because I believe your elopement matters. Just because you're eloping doesn't mean you deserve any less than someone having a traditional wedding. 

Elopements are all about being intentional in the way you get married and I'm here to help create the ultimate elopement experience that's about the two of you.

Your wedding day should be something you look forward to and not something you stress about. It's all about creating a meaningful and adventurous experience you actually want to do all over again!

i believe your Elopement deserves
to be documented from beginning to end.

This is your wedding day! It's the day that you're going to look back and remember for the rest of your life.


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Let's chat about your elopement!

Courtney helped us to turn our dreams into reality, and we hardly had to do a thing. She allowed us to be in control of our day, but gently took all of our wants and needs into consideration while making everything happen!

I highly recommend having a weekday elopement - especially if you want to elope in a more popular location like Glacier National Park! All of the gorgeous locations in Montana attract all the outdoor enthusiast so choosing a weekday will help you to avoid all the crowds and have more privacy for your epic Montana Elopement. 

Eloping is an extremely intentional way of getting married and it's one of the most important days of your life. Think about this - Someone who has a traditional wedding will typically have their photographer there for 8 plus hours. Why should elopement be any different?! THEY SHOULDN'T! I believe you deserve to celebrate your marriage in the same way and have full day elopement that's crafted around the two of you!

Before you hop into choosing a specific date for you Montana Elopement be sure to consider the seasons and what they look like here in Montana! Winters are a bit longer and last from November to March and even into April depending on the elevation you're at. If you're a fan of the snow and are dreaming of a wintery elopement then it's the place to be! Summers are definitely popular as temperatures are ideal and everything is green and blooming! If you want epic fall colors opt for a September or October elopement in Montana!

I always try to plan elopements around sunset or sunrise as it's the best lighting! In the summer sunset can last past 10pm and are incredibly gorgeous. Planning your Montana Elopement around sunset or sunrise is another great way to avoid crowds and have a more private and intimate ceremony!

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Montana elopement photographer

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1. Getting to know my couples is Super important to me, because I WORK CLOSELY WITH them TO HELP PLAN THEIR ELOPEMENT FROM START TO FINISH. I kinda double as your planner!!


3. I’m going to help craft and create a day that reflects the two of you so that you can get married in the way you truly want!


I’m here to be more than just an elopement photographer for you.

If you want to start off your marriage on an epic adventure with the backdrop of your dreams with just the two of you or even your closest loved ones then let’s do this!! I’m here to help you turn your elopement dream into a reality.

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I can’t thank Courtney enough for the breathtaking day we had! I have seriously been obsessing over the photos since I’ve got them & had the absolutely best time with her! Her work is phenomenal and she’s so personable!

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Glacier National Park

Bozeman, Montana

Helena-lewis and clark national forest

This National Park is by far the most popular place people elope in Montana and for a good reason!! In my opinion, it's one of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S. if not the most beautiful. The glacier mountains and blue lakes are simply jaw dropping! It's the perfect place for adventure for your Montana Elopement.

I've written a Complete Guide to Eloping in Glacier National Park so be sure to check it out!!

This national forest is filled with stunning mountain views!! If you're wanting to go on a hike for your day this place is filled with so many choices. You can go camping, canoeing down a river and explore the mountains and forest to your hearts desire!

If you want fields of wild flowers then choosing to elope the very end of spring and beginning of summer will be perfect for you!

Bozeman is loaded with beautiful locations for you to say your vows! Hyalite Reservoir would be a great option! It's a beautiful lake surrounded by the mountains which creates the perfect backdrop!

One of the biggest highlights in Bozeman is Gallatin National Forest. It's home to stunning mountain views, rivers, wild animals, epic lakes and so much more! It's a great place to go hiking for a private ceremony and all kinds of options for adventure!

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There are so many incredible locations for your Montana Elopement! This list could truly go on and on forever, but here are the main areas to consider when eloping in Montana!

However, I help my couples pick out specific hikes and spots for them based off of what they're looking for! I'm here to guide you through every step and make your Montana elopement experience one to remember!

Best places to elope in montana

Your elopement day is all about the experience you have and my goal is to create an unforgettable day for you. If you’re wondering what you could do for 6 or 9 or 12 hours--don’t overthink it! The sky is your limit and you’ll be surprised how fast time goes especially when you’re having the time of your life!

I am here to document that experience so that you can relive your day as if it was yesterday. I’m definitely not here to pose you for 6 or 9 hours. That wouldn’t be fun at all! 

I totally get that being in front of a camera can feel weird, but I’m there to make sure you don't. By the time your elopement rolls around we’ll have talked a LOT, gotten to know each other, and we’ll have become more like friends having a professional business transaction.

My Approach

I will be with you as you put your dress on, tie up your boots and say your vows. I will be there for you no matter what and, honestly, I will probably shed a tear as you say your vows, because I’m so happy you got to get married in the way you truly wanted to.

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How to obtain a montana marriage license 

In order to receive a marriage license in Montana you'll have to pay $53 and fill out the application. Montana doesn't have a mail in option to get your marriage license so both of you will have to show up in person at a county clerks office in Montana. You can fill out the application online and then show up a few days before your elopement to pick it up and and pay the fee.

Also, in Montana if you're a female under 50 years old you'll also have to take a blood test or the both of you will have to sign the Informed Consent/Waiver of Requirement of Blood Test form along with your application.

Here's what you will need to bring with you to your in person meeting:

-Valid picture identification (driver's license, passport)
-Birth Information including City, County, State or Foreign Country
-Social Security Number
-Fathers' first, middle, and last name, current residence, and birth state
-Mothers' first, middle, and maiden name, current residence, and birth state.
-Any information regarding previous marriages including date, county, and state of dissolution or death of spouse

Do you want to have a legally binding ceremony or a symbolical ceremony? Here's the breakdown!

You will also need an officiant to marry you legally! Here's who able to marry you legally in Montana.

-Clergy and/or Ordained Minister
-A Judge or Public Official given specific solemnization rights by their office
-Justice of the Peace
-A Tribal Judge

Montana also recognizes officiants and marriages ordained within the context of any religious affiliation. Meaning if you're having your closest loved ones with you on your elopement then they can simply get ordained online and perform your ceremony! You can also hire an officiant if you're looking to have a 'just us' elopement in Montana as well!

who can legally marry you in montana?

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What is a symbolical ceremony and how does it work?

While the process to obtain a marriage license in Montana isn't too difficult it does add another thing that you have to worry about as you get ready for your elopement. You have to show up early in person and make sure you get back in on time. 

If this sounds like a headache to you you absolutely have another option! A symbolical ceremony just means that the ceremony you have on your elopement day isn't legally binding.

If you go the symbolical route you will get all the legal paperwork done where you live so that you don’t have to deal with the legalities of getting married in another state. 

When you plan out your ceremony you can 100% still have a regular ceremony and exchange vows and rings, or include whatever aspects you want!! You can customize every aspect to the two of you!

Couples who do this, to them the day they say their vows to each other is the day that they actually get married and not the day they sign paperwork.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about going to the county clerks office or mailing in paperwork and getting it in on time allowing your elopement day to be even more stress free!!

I'm here to help you plan out your dream elopement! However you want to celebrate and spend your Montana Elopement, I'm here to help you make that happen!

Let's chat about your dream elopement!

Eloping is truly all about the type of experience you want to have on your wedding day. It's not about purposefully leaving your family out or running away and secretly getting married or even saving money. That's not what it's really about--like, at all.

Eloping is about being able to get married exactly how and where you want. It's about you. It's about committing your lives together in an epic place wherever you want and starting out your lives together on an incredible adventure. Eloping is about the experience you get to have one of the most important days of your life!

What is an Elopement?

Eloping is about being able to get married exactly how and where you want. IT'S ABOUT YOU.

LET's do this!

You'll be able to focus on the two of you and your unique and amazing relationship.

You get to enjoy the most important day of your life stress free! WHOO-HOO!!

You can do what means the most to you both and celebrate EXACTLY how you want!

You get to be with the person you love the most in this world in a meaningful place.





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- Starting at 4 hours of coverage
- Personalized elopement coordination
- Get to know your & your vision questionnaire
        - Personalized list of locations ideas
        - Vendor recommendations
       - Custom timeline so you can have a smooth                            and  stress-free day
- High resolution images in an online gallery to share with friends and family
- All basic travel fees included to anywhere in Oregon are included!


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Starting price $3000

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"Planning for our day and the day itself would have been completely different without Courtney. We only knew that we wanted to share our vows in the Tuscan countryside and have beautiful photos, and Courtney planned the perfect agenda for that to happen. She coordinated our timing around sunset, and not only were the photos breathtaking, but the actual evening was too. I remember looking out over the vineyards as the sun set, the view becoming more and more stunning by the minute. There were no moments that felt forced or posed, every shot was comfortable and fun and full of love.

Courtney is such a sweet, kind, fun person and we truly enjoyed spending the day with her. Courtney helped us to turn our dreams into reality, and we hardly had to do a thing. She allowed us to be in control of our day but gently took all of our wants and needs into consideration while making everything happen. Lastly, our pictures are just magical. Courtney is an incredibly talented photographer, and I feel so lucky that we were able to work with her. I would recommend her over and over again to anyone eloping."

Ellie & Zac

"Let. Me. Tell. You. It's not the technical aspects of photography that are the most difficult. It's the human aspect. Remembering that as a Photographer, you may be behind the lens but you are still a human, in front of other humans, in some of the most raw and intimate of moments. Courtney balances both of these necessities (but rarities) with poise, great direction, and an overall kind calmness that just makes you breathe a sigh of relief. If you've come across Courtney's page and see what you like already, BOOK HER NOW. Don't spend another second looking for another Photographer that doesn't bring anywhere near the amazing light and spirit that this girl brings right here. Thank you again Courtney for allowing my husband and I to marry each other all over again! The images are stunning and I can't wait to blow them up and hang them in our home."

Shannon & Brandon

When my now husband and I started planning our elopement, we were confused to the max. We didn’t know where to start or how to go about planning anything. We knew we wanted to get married in Ireland, but had too many options on exactly where. After doing some research of elopements on the web, I was scrolling on Pinterest and came across some BEAUTIFUL photos taken of an elopement in Ireland. Those moments were captured by, yep you guessed it, Courtney!

Her website and Courtney herself made the process so easy. She is organized, professional, sweet, and so so funny!! Courtney does more than just photograph your day, she cares about you having the BEST day! She helped us plan EVERYTHING! Even down to the little details, like what type of shoes to wear! She helped us narrow down where, giving us her informative opinions on each of our options! She gave us cool ideas that we could incorporate into our special day. No idea was too big! When the day came, we had the absolute best time exploring and getting married! After we exchanged our vows, we went to celebrate at a local pub (Courtney’s idea ;) ). It was a blast!!

Our elopement was an absolute DREAM COME TRUE! I will never be able to thank Courtney enough for making it happen. So for anyone on the fence, swaying back and forth about whether or not work with Courtney on your big day, SWAY NO MORE! You’ve found your person!! My day couldn’t have been any better and my pictures are beautiful and capture the fun we had!!! I can’t wait to work with her again!

Taylor & andrew

"Working with Courtney was an extremely easy experience, seamless, positive and obviously fun. My wife and I went on our honeymoon and wanted to surprise her with a surprise honeymoon adventure session. Courtney worked with me to make that dream gift for my wife a reality. Meeting and posing for a photographer for the first time can be intimidating, but with Courtney it was anything but that.

Courtney is extremely positive and helpful and made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera. She played some of our favorite songs and before we knew we were just having fun and she was catching them every second. Perhaps the best part of our session was that Courtney knew all the characteristic and peaceful places of where we were, which made our photos even more extraordinary. She kept the focus was on my wife and me. When we shared our images with friends and relatives, everyone complimented on Courtney's aesthetics and the emotion she was able to capture. I can't thank Courtney enough for exceeding all our expectations with this photo shoot!!"


"Pick her -- she's the best! Courtney is amazing! Seriously! If you're thinking about eloping you should snatch her up to capture your day. She makes the entire experience fun and relaxed plus the pictures just blew us away. I will never forget our magical time in Venice and I'm obsessed with the gorgeous photos Courtney took of us. She's so so good!"

Jami & Tim

Courtney is not only a talented photographer, but she makes you feel so comfortable even though being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking! She did such an amazing job with our day and if I had to pick my favorite photo it would take FOREVER, because I love so many! Definitely consider her if you want adventurous and beautiful photos coupled with an amazing experience!

walker & mac

What's It like having me be your elopement photographer & coordinator? 
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