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5 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Eloping

You’ve decided it’d be best for it to just be you two (or maybe a handful of friends too) at your nuptials, but have you decided what you want to wear? No matter what location you decide to elope, your dress can still be a showstopper. Looking for the perfect dress for your elopement? Here are the 5 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Eloping!

A few tips when picking our your elopement dress

When it comes to eloping in the outdoors there is a chance that there will be a good amount of wind throughout your day. This is important to keep in mind, because having a flowy dress can make for some epic photos on your wedding day!

Getting a dress that is lightweight would be a great idea to keep in mind! Elopements typically come along with more walking, hiking, exploring and moving around in general. So, a dress that you can be comfortable in is super important! Try to avoid dress styles that are constricting or puffy or having ribbing in them.

Dresses can look fairly different when they’re sitting on a hanger versus when you’re moving around and the wind is blowing. A simple dress can look crazy dramatic when blowing around in the wind so when you’re looking at dresses in person pick it and and spin around and twirl and see if you like how it moves as well! Try skipping in it and jumping around, as you want something that allows for you to move around easily and comfortably.

However, the utmost important thing is that you wear a dress that makes you feel gorgeous and that you’ll be comfortable in!

5 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Elopingadventure elopement dresses

Best Wedding Dresses for Your Elopement

1. Off the Shoulder Styles

Off the Shoulder dresses are perfect for the laid-back vibe of many elopements. The style looks so chic and elegant paired with a flower crown, or your bouquet. Off the shoulder styles come in all different necklines, and sleeve types, which is super helpful when searching for a gown that’s perfect for you! Whether you’re looking for an off the shoulder style that’s more timeless, or a boho off the shoulder vibe, you’re sure to be able to find a dress that suits your wedding dress styles for eloping

2. Long Sleeve Elopement Dresses

Thinking of having your elopement when the leaves are changing, or the snow has fallen? Having a long sleeve gown can ensure you stay at a comfortable temperature, while also looking stunning. Long sleeve gowns = even more area for dress details *insert 100 heart eye emojis here*. Dress details are the perfect way to make your dress feel more custom to you!best wedding dress styles for eloping

3. Bell Sleeve Gowns

This style of dress also helps brings in the boho vibes that can add to the environment of where your elopement is taking place. Whether you’re in the hills, at a beach, or on a mountain top, a bell-sleeve gown is the perfect way to add in a touch of romance and elegance to the big day. Many bell sleeve gowns feature a lace sleeve, which is a great way to cover your arms, without having your dress feel like it’s weighing you wedding dress styles for eloping

4. Gorgeous Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace dresses are perfect for nearly any setting you could possibly elope in. They look just as beautiful in the mountains, as they do on the beach. The details of a lace gown are sure to be breathtaking at your intimate ceremony. Reclamation and Grace Loves Lace are known for their epic lace dresses!

best dresses for eloping

Best Wedding Dresses for Your Elopement

5. A-Line Wedding Dresses

A-line dresses are timeless, and come in so many different styles. My favorite part about this particular style? It looks flattering on all body types! Whether you’re looking for a strapless, spaghetti strap, quarter sleeve, mid-sleeve, or long sleeve gown, there is sure to be one in the A-line variety! For some epic A-line and flowy dresses check out Daci Gowns!

Whether you’ve dreamt of your wedding dress your whole life, or you’ve just begun thinking about it now that you’re engaged, I hope that this list has helped you narrow down what you might be looking for. No matter what dress you choose just remember your dress should feel 100% your style, and you should feel 100% confident in it! Elopements are intimate, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice getting married in your dream dress. Still looking for a photographer to document you in your showstopper 😉 on your big day? 🡪 LET’S CHAT!

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5 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Eloping | Elopement Dress Ideas

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