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5 Helpful Elopement Tips | Colorado Elopement Photographer

Have you ever considered eloping?  Have you pictured getting married in an amazing location with just you and your fiancé and maybe your closest family?  Here are 5 Helpful Elopement Tips!

Perhaps the idea of planning a big wedding stresses you out and you just don’t want to spend an insane amount of money on a wedding. Whatever your reasons may be, there are tons of couples that decide to elope every year, but would you really know how to go about it?  As a photographer who has been around many elopements helping couples plan them and getting to be a part of such a special day, here are some helpful tips that I have learned along the way!

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Elopement Tips and Planning Guide

5 Helpful Elopement Tips

1.Don’t Just ‘Run Away’

There is a vast amount of stunning places in this world for you to elope so be sure to choose your spot wisely!  Choose somewhere that means a lot to the both of you or somewhere you have always dreamed of going.  Nobody wants to look back on their special day and regret where they got married because you sporadically chose the first place you could think of.  The world is your oyster, give it time and consideration.  Also, think of the time of year you want to get married because climate will be a factor! Check out these articles for some location ideas.

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2. Hire A Photographer + Videographer

Most couples who elope are focused on having a fun adventure with their spouse want their memories to be captured so that they can be treasured forever and to share with friends and family back home.  A majority of an elopement budget tends to be spent in this area since there aren’t many other expenses and this is usually the most important thing to those who elope.

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3. Remember That Marriage Laws Are Different All Over

This is a super important part of planning an elopement that will take research.  The last thing you want to do is to travel to the other side of the world without the correct documents, or have no clue where to obtain a marriage license.  Take note of any cultural laws that might affect your day as well.  For example, if you wanted to elope on a Sunday in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, be sure to buy any champagne or liquor you want to drink the day before since all the liquor stores will be closed on a Sunday.ultimate elopement planning guide

4. Keep It Close

If you decide to have guests at your elopement, limit your the number to your absolute nearest and dearest friends and family.  Those who have been there for you and supported the two of you throughout your relationship and those who will be there for you through the end of life.  However, if you opt to have the most intimate experience with just the two of you, but you want to include your family somehow read How to Keep Family Involved in Your Elopement!

5. Do It For Yourself

Do what you would do for a big wedding, but do it for yourselves!  Wear a wedding dress, have fun getting ready together or separately and enjoy a first look if you get ready separately!  Have a nice dinner and dance – just the two of you!  After all, this day is about celebrating you two and doing it how you want.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 Helpful Elopement Tips! If you are recently engaged or starting to plan your elopement I would love to help guide you through planning your dream elopement and be a part of such a special day! You can contact me >HERE< for a free consultation and talk about how you envision your elopement!

Should I Elope?

If you have an adventurous spirit and desire to have an intimate experience on your wedding day then eloping is probably a great choice for you! Eloping is all about having a stress-free, laid back and incredible experience. It is about starting your lives together on a rad adventure and committing your lives together in a place you’ve always dreamed of or in an extremely meaningful place to the both of you. If you are looking for an elopement photographer and for someone who will be by your side and help guide you through planning your dream elopement then I would be so honored to be a part of your special day! You can contact me >HERE< and I cannot wait to talk to you about your elopement!

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Helpful Elopement Tips

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