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What to Wear for Engagement Photos | Engagement Outfit Guide

Adventure Sessions, a.k.a Portrait Sessions, are one of my favorite parts of working with a couple because it means really getting to know each other and having a blast doing so.  Portrait Sessions are perfect for engaged couples, anniversary sessions or just because! However, it is so important to know What to Wear for Engagement Photos!

To get my couples to feel comfortable in front of the camera I tend to be silly, goofy and let my guard down so that they can feel like they can let their guard down.  I love to hike and spend time in the outdoors, so getting to explore with a rad couple and have fun capturing sweet moments between them is just so much fun!

However, there is more to getting those stunning images than just connection, prompts and laughter.  What could it be?

It’s What You Wear.

Keep scrolling to see read some Tips + Tricks!What to wear for engagement pictures

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

1. Complement Each Other, But DON’T Match

Complementing your man’s look is one thing, but the whole ‘let’s wear matching plaid shirts’ thing is a big no-no. Not only do you want your outfits to compliment each other, but you want them to compliment the environment that you are in. Also, try to stay away from anything that is too busy, as it can be extremely distracting in pictures.

2. Choose Neutral Colors

You want to avoid anything bright that makes you look like a neon sign. Wearing bright colors will distract from your faces and will draw attention. Neutral colors don’t just mean grey, white and black. There are neutrals to almost every color! For example, mustard is a neutral of yellow, navy is a neutral of blue, olive is a neutral of green, burgundy is a neutral of red and so on and so forth.

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3. Incorporate An Accessory

Accessories can add a major “wow” factor to an image. Hats for the ladies are so fun because they look great while you are wearing them or even if you are holding it. I love watches for men because it adds a subtle personalized touch without taking away from the image. Choose something that makes you feel like you without being overwhelming!

4. Texture And Layers

Layers add depth to outfits and give the eyes something to be attracted to. Just like layers, wearing a shirt that has texture does the same thing. The best part about wearing layers is that you could bring a few jackets or cardigan options along which is a simple way to create different looks without completely changing. They’ll also keep you cozy on a cool day!


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