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This is Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer.

It’s true that everybody knows somebody who is a photographer. A relative or family friend who is really into photography, but has no true intentions of quitting their “day job”. They’ll post their pictures on social media or show you their work in person, and their work is pretty good. They may even own the biggest and best camera gear.

If you are on budget (who isn’t?!) or funds are tight, you will probably consider hiring that relative or family friend for that couples session you’ve been dying to do or even for your wedding. They have most likely offered their services to you at a discounted rate, but don’t do it! Being a photographer myself I can tell you why hiring a professional is a no-brainer. I have heard one too many horror stories from acquaintances about how they didn’t like their images, missed special and important moments throughout the day or that the quality just wasn’t up to par.

Here are some important reasons why you should hire a professional photographer

Hiring a professional photographer


Most professionals usually spend tons and tons of time investing in their knowledge and in their business – I know I have! Whatever equipment they use they will know how to use it inside and out without fumbling through their gear and take seconds to make any necessary adjustments throughout the day.

Photographers usually have backup gear just in case of the horrible event of malfunctions or a freak accident happens. If you hire that family friend chances are you’ll be stuck with iPhone pictures. They have most likely done this before so they will be a big help to you leading up to your wedding and throughout the day.

Another major factor to a successful photographer is knowing good lighting techniques whether they are a natural light photographer or use studio lighting. A professional will know to create unique and customized scenes that best fit the time of day they are shooting at.

Questions to ask your photographer


If you are hiring a photographer for your wedding they will be there by your side the whole entire day.

That being said is SO important to hire somebody you get along well with. When I got married and I was looking for a photographer the main reason I hired my photographer besides liking her work was how friendly she was and how well we clicked.

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Having a face to face chat is a great way to gauge whether or not they’ll be a good fit for you! Another cool aspect about hiring a photographer is that photographers are artists, so how cool is it that you get to have an artist focused on you the whole day?!

They will usually help you with your wedding timeline as well and help to create the flow of your day. At DIY weddings with no planner your photographer will usually take on the role naturally so that they make sure to get all the necessary shots at the right time of day. Although, hiring a Day of Coordinator is HIGHLY recommend! They are 100% invested in you and are so excited to be there for you! Photographer make connections and you may end up being friends by the time it’s all said and done!

We Are Worth It

Photographers invest so much of their time before AND after your wedding or session. They take time to get to know you to really understand what you are looking for and the details you want captured. They spend hours upon hours going through images and editing them till they are perfect.

They create art and are in their field because they love it and there is no better thing than to work with somebody who absolutely loves what they do!

Their joy will come through and brighten up your day and you will most likely have a blast spending time with them. Their knowledge and investment in their gear are so worth it and honestly, do you want somebody under qualified to capture the most important day of your life. I think not.

In conclusion, hire a photographer to capture your wedding from beginning to end. They will create art and will truly add so much to your day. Spending that extra cash to hire a photographer will be the best decision you ever made. You’ll be even happier when you receive that stunning gallery that you can treasure forever!

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