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4 Reasons Why You Should Elope

For many couples, planning a wedding can cause more stress than joy. Everyone deserves to have a wedding that celebrates their love, and if just the thought of planning a wedding with over 100 people gives you a small heart attack, then I would definitely hop on this band wagon and elope! So, here are 4 Reason Why You Should Elope!

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Reasons You Should Elope

4 Reasons You Should Elope

You Do You

There are so many reasons under the sun to consider eloping, but this is one of the main reasons to toss up. When you are planning a traditional wedding you inevitably have to consider other people. If you elope the only opinions to take into consideration are yours! It’ll take away the stress of thinking about what will make your guests comfortable, what will entertain them, etc. If the idea of putting together all these details and trying to make sure this aunt doesn’t sit by that cousin then you might want to consider eloping!


Who Do We Invite?!

For a lot of people going through a list of family members and life long friends and trying to figure out who gets an invite can cause a LOT of unwanted stress. When I got married I know my husband and parents felt bad for not being able to invite certain people, but to be honest, if people are upset they don’t get invited because of a budget then do you really need them there… but that’s a whole other topic! It might be a bit dramatic, but if you could say “I do” without dealing with this stress just toss the hat in and go have an elopement!

However, if you want to elope with just the two of you, but would like to keep your family involved someway read How to Keep Family Involved During Your Elopement.

Put Your Money Where You Want

..Or in your pocket! Most wedding decisions really do boil down to your budget. Eloping really isn’t much different, but you can really focus on your priorities and what you value! You can put your money towards that dream dress or that awesome photographer you want to hire to capture your amazing day together whether it be local or at a gorgeous waterfall in Iceland!


I always tell my couples to consider eloping where you would love to have your honeymoon! If you travel to a rad location like the Amalfi Coast, Ireland, or even to the mountains in Colorado you can kill two birds with one stone and have your honeymoon right then and there! It will save you another round of plane tickets and hotels, too!

I hope this has helped you to figure out if an elopement is for you! They truly are such an intimate experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. I would love to help guide you through planning your dream elopement and be a part of such a special day. Contact me >HERE< to chat about your dream elopement!


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Reasons You should Elope

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