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How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Photographer

Being engaged is such a wonderful time in your life and I hope you enjoy every second of it! I personally found wedding planning to be a blast, but others can find it stressful and they don’t know where to begin. The costs of things can be overwhelming, but it really all comes down to your priorities and where you want to spend your money! How much should you spend on a wedding photographer, wedding venue, your dress, florals, etc. The list could go on!

At the time I got married I was not a wedding photographer and I honestly didn’t know much about the photography industry as a whole. All I knew was according to my research, photographers were expensive and I wasn’t rich!

So, really, how much should you spend on a wedding photographer?

The answer, it really just depends. Let me elaborate.

First things fist-talk about your budget for the whole wedding. How much money do you have in the bank? How much do you want to spend on your big day? This is something very important to know in order to start planning out all your wedding details.

Once you know your budget you need to figure out what means the most to you and what you value the most. If you don’t know, sit down and figure it out. The easiest way to do this is to write a list. When Alex and I got married we knew we wanted to have outdoor wedding and I was very particular about the venue so this was probably #1 on my list. Soon after I started looking for my photographer and finding a dress. Allocate the biggest portions of your budget to your top priorities!

Now that you know what your priorities are you can start to looking for your vendors and start booking them ASAP! Lock those important pieces in.

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Details shot of ring and bouquet in Colorado

So, really, there is not set amount on how much you should spend on a wedding photographer!

If you value photography definitely set aside a solid portion of your budget. When I became a photographer I really had no idea how much work went into being a photographer. I know I invest a lot of my time and money into my passion!

If you spend $20,000 (just throwing numbers out here so you get the idea) on a wedding venue and only $1000 on photography that wedding venue will then look like $1000 wedding venue where as if you spend $1000 on a wedding venue and $20,000 on photography that venue will then look like a million bucks.

After all, photography is one of the only things that will last a lifetime and be something that you can look back on to remember your special day!

I know that no answer I could give you is simple, but I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will be as much help as I can!

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