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10 Amazing Iceland Elopement Locations | Iceland Elopement Photographer

Iceland is an ASTOUNDING place! It’s beauty truly blows my mind and I think it is one of the most perfect places to have an Elopement! Iceland is known for it’s thousands of waterfalls! But, what are the most alluring? The most popular? Here is my take on 10 Amazing Iceland Elopement Locations!

10 Amazing Iceland Elopement Locations

All of these waterfalls are stunning and I think it’s impossible to go wrong on which one you choose to have your Elopement! Check out my suggestions on how to get to these waterfalls so you can decide which would be the best to have your Adventure Elopement!

Gullfoss | The Most Popular Waterfall

Gullfoss is considered Iceland’s most stunning waterfall! It is probably the most known waterfall as well since it is situated near Reykjavík. The Golden Circle draws its name from this waterfall, Gullfoss literally means “Golden”, seeing as it is one of its pit stops along with Geysir and Þingvellir.

This gorgeous waterfall is in the southwest part of Iceland and is about a two hour drive from Reykjavík, by road number 35.

Dettifoss | The Most Powerful Waterfall

Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in terms of volume of water. It is only 330 feet wide and 144 feet tall, but it has an enormous amount of water pouring of the edge every second! It has an average of flow rate of 6,816 cu ft/s. Now that is a LOT of water!

Dettifoss is in the northeast part of Iceland and you can reach it on a day-trip from Akureyri or nearby Mývatn.

Seljalandsfoss | The One You Can Walk Around

It is breathtakingly beautiful to watch a waterfall standing right behind it! This waterfall is easily accessible by the main road.

You can drive to it yourself, just head east on Route 1 from Reykjavík and after a couple of hours you’ll see it.

Hraunfossar | The Lava Waterfalls

Hraunfossar is a synonym for many springs waterfall. It runs from Hallmundarhraun lava in the west of Iceland. Combined they form one of Iceland’s most picturesque features.

Hraunfossar is less than a 2-hour drive from Reykjavík; first you head north on Route 1 but turn right onto Route 50 just before you reach Borgarnes. Route 50 then turns into Route 518 and that takes you all the way to these waterfalls.

Skogafoss | Where the Fimmvorduhals Hike Starts

Photo of Skogafoss, Iceland by Chris ChapmanChris Chapman

Skogafoss is one of the main waterfalls you’ll get to by using route 1. This waterfall marks the beginning of Fimmvörðuháls hike over to Þórsmörk.

Above Skógafoss along the hiking trail are multiple waterfalls varying in shape and size! There are around 33 waterfalls on the way up to Eyjafjallajökull (a volcano). It seems like each one gets more beautiful than the last!

Dynjandi | The Crown of the Westfjords

Dynjandi is such a beautiful and unique waterfall! It is 330 feet high and gradually spreads out from top to bottom. At the top, it is about 98 feet wide but at the bottom, it is about 197 feet wide.

The waterfall is one of seven waterfalls in a row. It is located in the Westfjords of Iceland, which is the most remote area of Iceland. It is about a 6 hour drive from Reykjavík!

Svartifoss | The One Surrounded by Dark Columns

Svartifoss waterfall is located in Skaftafell, within the Vatnajökull National Park. The columnar basalt that encompasses the waterfall are some of the most picturesque columns you will find in Iceland. The cascading waterfall flows right in the middle of the columns.

In Skaftafell there are a few hiking trails through gorgeous scenery that will lead you this is stunning waterfall. Getting to Skaftafell is fairly easy. All you have to do is to just drive along the south coast along Route 1. From Reykjavík it’s at least a 4 hour drive, but you will most likely want to stop along the way to check out other beautiful waterfalls! I would spend the night in Skaftafell so you can enjoy all the scenery without being rushed.

Glymur | Iceland’s Second Tallest Waterfall

Photo of Glymur, Iceland by Amiracle PhotographyAmiracle Photography

Glymur is Iceland’s second highest waterfall at 650 feet  high. For a quite awhile, it was the tallest waterfall in Iceland, and many locals still talk about it as the tallest waterfall. However, in 2007, a new waterfall emerged with melting glacial water, called Morsárfoss. Morsárfoss isn’t a popular waterfall and isn’t known very well. It is incredibly difficult to reach, but has a stunning height of about  750 feet.

Glymur is located in Hvalfjörður fjord in the West. It isn’t far from Reykjavík, but it is not visible from route 1 and is about a 2 hour hike from the main road.

Hengifoss | Iceland’s Third Tallest Waterfall

Hengifoss is 420 feet tall, making it the third tallest waterfall in Iceland. It is located in East Iceland and not too far from the capital of the East, Egilsstaðir.

The waterfall is a single down pour over the cliffs. The black lava cliffs have horizontal red stripes of clay in the rock face creating a unique look. The hike to the waterfall is a pretty easy and takes about 40-60 minutes to hike from the parking lot to the waterfall. During the hike, Litlanesfoss can be found which has beautiful columnar basalts surrounding it.

If you look the other direction you’ll have a view over the Lagarfljót lake, and Iceland’s largest forest, Hallormsstaðaskógur.

Haifoss| Iceland’s Fourth Tallest Waterfall

This is Iceland’s fourth highest waterfall measuring at 400 feet tall. It is located in Fossárdalur valley in the south of Iceland, in the inner Þjórsárdalur valley. You might need to hike a little from the road in order to get to the waterfall, but if the gravel road is in a decent condition then you can reach a parking lot near the falls.

It is a 2 hour drive by Route 1 from Reykjavík. You will turn left onto Route 30 after you’ve passed Selfoss and then turn right onto Route 32. From Route 32 you can drive the gravel Route 332 all the way up to the waterfall and park. Be sure to check the road conditions before you head that way!

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