How to Write Wedding Vows for Your Elopement

The best part of eloping is throwing out all of the traditional ways of how your wedding is ‘supposed to’ go. You get to invite who you want, travel to where you want, and when it comes to your wedding vows – say what you want! I’m sure you’re thinking “Where do I even start?” (Which is probably why you’ve ended up on this blog! 😉). 

Another perk of eloping is that these vows can be extremely intentional and can be curated to suit your intimate day perfectly. They can be long or short, light-hearted or emotional – whichever style you choose to write them in, it’s important that they feel authentic to your relationship.

People put a lot of pressure on themselves when writing their wedding vows. Will I say the right thing? Will I say the wrong thing? How long do I need to talk for? Although I understand the nerves behind writing your vows, I’m here to tell you, writing your vows should be fairly straight-forward. 

I’m also here to help make it as easy as possible! 

how to write elopement vows

How to Write Wedding Vows for your Elopement

1. Speak directly to who you are marrying!

These vows are not for anybody except the person you are standing across from on the day of your elopement – personalize them with some details! 😊 Another perk of eloping is that it is either just the two of you, or you two and your inner circles – this allows you to openly speak about inside jokes, or intimate details without feeling uncomfortable.

2. Speak a few sentences about your love

Express what a future spouse means to you. Speak about the first time you knew you loved them, or when you realized you wanted to marry them. Mention their best qualities, and why you find them so easy to love. Speak about the ways loving them has made you a better person.

3. Speak on the journey you’ve been through to get to marriage

Most relationships are built through the trials and tribulations of life. Adding in some personal touches about the hardships and happy times you’ve experienced as a couple is the perfect way to make sure your vows feel authentic to you two as a couple. 

4. Speak on the commitment you’re making

What promises do you want to make to your future spouse? What promises do you want to make for your relationship? What are your plans to ensure that your marriage is a source of love, understanding, and happiness for years to come? Express how seriously you plan to take the commitment you’re making on this day.

5. Say the words ‘I love you’

Simple and basic. But so many people get so wrapped up during their vows, they forget to say the fundamental reason of why they are there – because they fell in love! Don’t forget to say the three little words. 

6. Speak about goals for your future

Mention where you see your relationship in the future. Provide a few details of what you expect life to look like in 10 (20, or 70) years. Express to your future spouse what things you’re excited to experience *together* in life.

7. Wrap it up

A lot of people get caught up in trying to include every detail in their wedding vows. There is no need for that. You have your entire life to tell your future husband or wife what they mean to you. No need to spend 15+ minutes telling them at the altar. Plus, the sooner you wrap up your vows, the sooner you’ll officially be MARRIED!

tips on how to write wedding vows for your elopement

Tips to Getting Started Writing Your Wedding Vows

Find a Quiet or Inspirational Place

Go to a quiet room or go drive to your favorite overlook, park, garden, or wherever that you feel inspired! Take some time to gather your thoughts and think about the things I’ve written above. Start by writing out bullet points of things you want to cover! This will help you when you write everything out!

Get Vow Books!

Vow books are such a special way to keep your vows with you forever and make for a great keepsake. You’ll be able to use them again if you ever wanted to do a vow renewal as well! You can use the rest of the pages in your vow book throughout your marriage for letters to each other, journaling your favorite trip together, or writing out everything about your elopement day to read and look back on!

Here are a few of my favorite vow books for inspiration!

Print Smitten Vow Books

Sunny Home Studio

Ox and Pine

Practice Saying Your Wedding Vows

Don’t practice saying them to each other, but out loud where nobody can hear you! This will help you know what they’ll sound like when you say them to your fiance on your elopement day and help calm any nerves that you have!

Writing your elopement wedding vows doesn’t have to be stressful – it can be fun, and simple if you follow this guide.  

If you’re looking for more resources for planning your elopement, you’ve landed in the right place!

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How to Write Wedding Vows for Your Elopement | Courtney Lynn

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