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Best Places to Elope in Idaho | Idaho Elopement

Idaho is by far a very underrated state! Honestly, I’m okay with that, because that means less people and more privacy. You’ll be able to hit the hiking trails and have the gorgeous views all to yourselves! There are so many incredible places to Elope in Idaho and things to do that after you have your epic elopement there you’ll find yourself with a desire to come back every year.

Idaho is a gem in the U.S. and you’d be crazy to not want to have your elopement here! I’ve written out a complete guide on how to elope in Idaho filled with all kinds of advice and tips for you as you start to consider and plan your Idaho elopement!

Best time of year to Elope in Idaho

Summer Elopement in Idaho

Summer in Idaho will definitely give you the most options of places and activites to do during your elopement. If you plan to hike then summer will definitely be your best bet as that’s when all the hiking trails are open. Especially in places like the Sawtooth mountains anytime after summer the snowpack will get too high very quickly!

Fall Elopement in Idaho

Fall is also another great option to elope in Idaho if you want to hike. You might just have to count out certain locations, but the majority of hikes will still be open and accessible through October. In October the temperatures will start to drop into the 50’s and then it’s just downhill from there! September the temperatures are still beautiful and warm with the occasional cooler day.

Winter Elopement in Idaho

Winter in Idaho is pretty much what you expect from a traditional winter season. There’s lots of snow and it’s cold. If you love the snow and want to include winter sports into your elopement day, then go for it, but if winter sports aren’t your thing then I definitely wouldn’t consider eloping in Idaho during winter.

Spring Elopement in Idaho

Spring weather is very similar to fall, but a bit cooler. In April the temperatures are still pretty cool and in May they rise to the mid 60’s! A lot of hiking locations in the mountains will most likely be closed, because it’s still way cold up in the mountains. Your options will be limited still, but in places like Ceour d’Alene things will slowly start to open back up.

sunset elopement in idahoBest Places to Elope in Idaho


Sun Valley is an absolutely break-taking place to elope in Idaho! If you’re looking for loads of hiking trails that lead to incredible mountain views, stunning alpine lakes and forest vibes then Sun Valley is the place for you.

If you two love winter sports and want to include skiing or snowboarding into your elopement day then this is the place for that! These mountains get loaded with fresh powder perfect for downhill skiing or even for going snowshoeing. It’s a place you’ll fall in love with no matter what time of year you decide to elope in Idado!

Incredible hikes in Sun Valley for your Idaho Elopement:

  • Pioneer Cabin
  • Baker Lake
  • Alice Lake
  • Norton Pass
  • Proctor Mountain Trail

2. STANLY, IDAHO | Sawtooth Mountains

Stanly, Idaho is an extremely small town. It’s so small that most business close down during the winter, but don’t count this place out by any means. If you want epic jagged mountain views and alpine trees then a Sawtooth Mountain elopement is right up your alley! I would definitely recommend eloping here during the summer months when the hiking trails are open and the wild flowers are blooming! There’s a vast amount of stunning hikes that lead to beautiful lakes surround by mountains, waterfalls and mountain peaks. If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure and want to hike then this is definitely the best place to elope in Idaho!

Incredible hikes in the Sawtooth Mountains for your Idaho Elopement:

  • Alice Lake
  • Bench Lakes
  • Sawtooth Lake
  • Thompson Peak
  • Goat Lake
  • Saddleback Lakes
  • Marshall Ridge
  • Stanley Lake Trail / Lady Face Falls
  • Titus Lake (Galena Summit)


If you’re not looking for mountains and alpine lakes then the sand dunes would be a great place for you to elope in Idaho! These beautiful sand dunes will transport you to the desert. They’re open year around so they’re perfect for eloping in Idaho whenever you want! If you choose to elope here in the summer definitely elope at sunrise or sunset to avoid the heat. I always recommend planning your elopement day around one of the two anyways!

Once you’re done explore the sand dunes and having your ceremony you can head over to the Snake River for more adventure and exploring!bride and groom elope in idaho


Coeur d’Alene is the place to be in the summer for those local in Idaho. The main attraction is the beautiful lake and quaint town filled with delicious restaurants, breweries, coffee shops and wineries. While the lake and town may be a bit busier there are loads of incredible hikes around the lake and in the nearby forest areas to get the privacy and adventure you’re looking for. If lush forests and beautiful views are what you’re striving for then Coeur d’Alene would be a great place for you to elope in Idaho!

Incredible hikes in Coeur ‘Alene for your Idaho Elopement:

  • Ermine Ridge Trail
  • Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail
  • Tubbs Hill
  • Bernard Peak Trail
  • Blue Creek Bay Trail
  • Big Trees Trail
  • Fernan Lake Natural Area

5. SANDPOINT IDAHO – Kaniksu National Forest

Sandpoint, Idaho is a gorgeous region! You have incredible areas like Kaniksu National Forest and Lake Pend Oreille which hold some of the most beautiful views. This place is a great alternative to Coeur d’Alene Lake as it’s less popular and Lake Pend is just as gorgeous! It’s beautiful year around and offers everything you could want. From epic trails to peaceful lakes and amazing locations for a backpacking, a hiking elopement or camping trip, Sandpoint definitely won’t disappoint! There are loads of amazing places for an Airbnb Elopement, too!

Incredible hikes in Sandpoint for your Idaho Elopement:

  • Portage Trail
  • Scotchman Peak
  • St. Paul Lake
  • Lakeview Mountain
  • Snow Lake – Bottleneck Lakes Loop
  • Gem Lake
  • Schafer Peak via Green Monarch

6. St. Joe National Forest

St. Joe National Forest is an epic place for your Idaho elopement! There are endless amounts of hikes and adventure to take along the river. There are some super cute Airbnb’s like this Treehouse which will create the ultimate adventurous vibe for your elopement in Idaho.

Incredible hikes in St. Joe National forest for your elopement in Idaho:

  • Lone Lake – Stevens Lake Loop
  • Revett Lake
  • Chilco Mountain Trail
  • Mineral Trail
  • Settlers Grove of Ancient Cedars Trail
  • Fern and Shadow Falls

7. McCall | Payette National Forest

Payette National Forest is a gorgeous area filled with mountain views, gorgeous likes and alpine forests. There are so many different adventures you could do in McCall like hiking, backpacking, rafting, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing and so on and so forth!

McCall is a great place for a family adventure if you choose to elope with your absolute closest loved ones!

Incredible hikes in St. Joe National forest for your elopement in Idaho:

  • Clayburn Creek Trail
  • Louie Lake Trail
  • Goose Creek Falls
  • Boulder Lake Loop Trail
  • Council Mountain Hot Springs
  • Granite Mountain Trail 165

bride and groom elope in one of the best places to elope in IdahoHire an Idaho Elopement Photographer

As an experience elopement photographer I’m here to guide you through the entire process of planning your Idaho Elopement. I’m not the photographer that leaves you to plan everything on your own. I will work closely with you to help you find the perfect location for you to say your vows and have your adventure. I’m here to give you all the tips and ideas for activities and help you plan out your timeline (more of a guideline really!) so that you won’t be worried or stressed about anything!

I would be SO stoked to chat with you, get to know you and hear all about your vision for your Idaho Elopement! You can >>CONTACT ME HERE<< and let’s get started planning your dream elopement!

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Best Places to Elope in Idaho | Courtney Lynn

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