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My Furbabies & Me

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love animals! I would have all the cats and dogs in the world if I could. I currently have four cats and one dog and they are my babies–my very needy furbabies. To be honest, I usually only talk about three of my cats, because one of them is ‘my husband’s cat’ and one word to describe her starts with a ‘b’ and has 5 letters. Catching my drift?

All of my pets were rescues except for my husbands cat, which might explain her attitude because she doesn’t know how good she’s got it. They all have special stories and they’re a big part of me and my life so I figured why not share it!


So, let’s begin with Silver, aka, my bebe, my chub chubs. Side note, when I got Silver I started calling her bebe and somehow my husband started calling me that and now my husband and my cat are my bebe haha! I have had her the longest and rescued her from a humane society 4 years ago and she is now 13 years old. She is part Siamese and if you know anything about Siamese cats is that they usually have one person that they get attached to and everybody else annoys them. So, I am that person to Silver and she loves me so much that it’s almost sickening. She HAS to be laying as close to me as possible at night. She gets cranky if I try to move her and if I do move her, well, she comes right on back. She’s also an extremely food driven cat. Hence the nickname chub chubs haha! She is my baby and always will be. Don’t tell the others, but she’s my favorite 😉my cat named silver


Next, there’s Casper. He is roughly 7 years old. He was my cat that was just meant to be. I had just moved and there were a bunch of stray cats that I would go feed and so one evening when I went out to go feed them Casper came running up. This was the first time I had seen him. I pet him and then I took him lol. The very first time I saw him and two minutes later he was mine! He is BY FAR  the biggest love bug. I don’t think he knows he’s a cat, because never in my life have I or anybody who meets him has ever met a cat as friendly and attention seeking as him. He will cuddle all day long and want to be pet for days without getting sick of it. He is also a talker and when I say he’s a talker, I mean he doesn’t shut up sometimes. It’s pretty funny listening to him. He’ll meow and talk to me and will go off singing about something when he feels like it. He’s my boy!


Then, there’s Nancy. She is about 5 years old. My beautiful German Shepherd girl! Somebody had posted in a Facebook group that they saw two German Shepherds hanging out in a park. I’ve always had a soft spot for this breed! So, when I saw them online I sent a picture to my husband and said something about fostering them till they found a home. I kept an eye on that post and if nobody had helped them by the morning I was going to go get them. Morning came and nobody had picked them up so off I went to the park! I pulled up and saw them and called them over and gave them some bones and got them both in my car. Nancy just laided down in the back while Ava decided she liked the front seat and my lap better haha. I found Ava a foster home that day and they ended up keeping her. She was so malnourished that the vet didn’t realize she was pregnant till 4 days before she gave birth to twelve puppies! Insane. Thank goodness Nancy wasn’t pregnant haha.

We obviously ended up keeping Nancy and she has been such a fun addition to the household and seeing her change over the time we’ve had her has been amazing to see. When I first got her she wasn’t all that interested in attention and just wanted to play fetch. She didn’t like being pet and could really care less if we were around her or not. Over time she realized what love was and now she can’t get enough of it! She is SO attached to us and wants to be by us constantly and is flopping down for a belly rub every time she sees us. It’s truly amazing to see her now! I love my Nancy girl.


Next, there’s Mama, aka, Fat Mama. She is roughly 9/10 years old. Mama was one of the strays that I had been feeding when I moved and we were drawn to each other from the beginning. Every time I would go feed her she would come running up to me and rub against my legs. Every time I would leave I would have to distract her somehow so she wouldn’t follow me, but half the time it didn’t work and as soon as she realized I was walking away she would come running after me. Talk about pulling at the heart strings! I, of course, wanted her, but with 3 other cats and a dog at home my husband wasn’t having it. So, I tried to find her a home for a year and to no avail nobody latched on. I was secretly happy, because that meant I could still go see her!

Then, at one point, it had been a few weeks since I had gone to see her and when I went back her ears were super crusty and bleeding. I mentioned this to my husband and said that she really needs to go to the vet before it gets even worse. Then, a few days later when I had went to go see her I brought her food and I had snuck away and was practically at my car which was a good distance from her and I turn around and he bolted around the corner and came running towards me and let out such a pathetic meow. I got this all on video and sent it to my husband and said, “I love her.” I think it was really this video that ultimately in the end made him realize that she was going to be ours soon enough. So, a few days later I snatched her up, took her to the vet and now she’s mine and I couldn’t be happier!

In case you’re wondering how I got the name is that I when I first started feeding her I thought she was pregnant and so it just kind of stuck!

So, there you have it! Keep scrolling for some more cute pictures! Oh, if you’re wondering about ‘my husband’s cat’. She remains his cat 😉

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