Sound like the unique adventurous elopement you want?!

Totally relaxed. Wind in your hair. Huge smile on your face. Laughing your butts off.

mountain elopement packages

The thought of not having to pick out table linens or plan a seating chart is
pretty dang amazing.

Plus, the focus of big weddings isn’t really about you, am I right? They focus more on the family and what they want than the two of you...


Thank goodness you have another option!

Elopements allow you to focus on getting married exactly how you want. You’ll be able to commit your lives together in an epic location on the adventure of a lifetime!

You’ve come across the idea of eloping and you’re hooked. 

It sounds perfect for you! 

mountain elopement packages


Where do you begin?!

How do you start to plan a day like this?!

It’s 100% understandable if you feel a bit confused. 

You’ve never planned an elopement and it’s all so new to you. 

          -How do I choose a location?
          -Is the ceremony legal?
          -What can I do during my elopement?
          -How does this whole thing work?!
          -Can I elope with family? (hint, yes!)
          -Do I hike in my dress?
          -Do I have to hike? (psst, no you don’t!)
          -How do I start planning?!


I totally get it! It's not like you've done this before.

Whether you have a basic vision for your day and all you know is that you want to say your vows in the mountains, or if you know you want to elope in this or that national park-- I’m here to help you turn that vision into reality.

Let's get started!

Kick off those shoes, relax, and let me do the heavy lifting for you.

How does this sound to you?


-You won’t feel overwhelmed.
-You’ll have memories lasting you a lifetime
-You’ll be able to enjoy Every. Single. Moment.
-While we’re at it, let’s toss any stress out the window
-You’ll spend your time being excited
-You’ll be 100% prepared for eloping outdoors
-You’ll have a simple path to creating your dream elopement   

I’m here to help you make this an easy and fun process for you!

I'm here to be more than just a photographer for you.

 Contact & schedule your call with me! 

Secure your date!

Let's turn your dream elopement into reality!

Live out your dream elopement!


Here's how I guide you through creating your dream elopement!

Time to "OOH" and "AHH"
at your pictures!


-Listen to your vision and what you’re looking for
-Help you complete your vision by giving you the ultimate list of places to say your vows. 
-Suggestions for activities to include that you’ll love!
-Create a timeline for a stress-free day
-How to pack your bouquet while hiking
-Save you loads of time
-What type of attire and gear to pack or wear so that you’ll be 100% prepared
-Guide you through acquiring any necessary permits
-Give you a clear picture on how to have a legal or symbolical ceremony

Here’s a few of the things I can help you with to avoid any and all confusion! 

I want you to focus on each other and fully enjoy the experience you're having on one of the most incredible days of your lives!

I’m here to document your epic experience from beginning to end.

Think about this. Someone who has a traditional wedding will typically have their photographer there from start to finish, so that their entire day can be captured.

So, why should eloping be any different?!

It shouldn't!

this is about you.


All day elopements... Yep, I just said it.

Just Because you're eloping doesn't mean you deserve any less.

You should be able to look back and remember every single moment.

This is still your wedding day and it's the day that you're going to celebrate for the rest of your lives!

I'm here to tell the story of your day!

Destination elopement packages

epic 2-day Elopement packages

- Starting at half day of documentation
- Personalized elopement coordination
- Get to know you & your vision questionnaire
- Personalized list of locations ideas
- Vendor recommendations
- Custom timeline
- Unlimited Zoom Calls to nail out the details
-Gear & clothing guide for eloping outdoors
- High resolution images in an online gallery to share with friends and family
-Basic travel costs included to Europe. Inquire for other destinations!

- One full day (up to 12 hours) & one half-day (up to 4 hours) of documentation
- Personalized elopement coordination
- Get to know you & your vision questionnaire
- Personalized list of locations ideas
- Vendor recommendations
- Custom timeline
- Unlimited Zoom Calls to nail out the details
-Gear & clothing guide for eloping outdoors
- High resolution images in an online gallery to share with friends and family
- All basic travel costs included to anywhere in the Western US (Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming).

*Starting price $8000

I'm ready for my destination elopement!
I'm ready for my epic experience!
I'm ready for my adventure elopement!

This is for you if you want to go backpacking, camping or just enjoy an epic multi-day adventure! We'll be able to capture a sunset adventure and a sunrise adventure the next morning!

*Starting Price $8500

U.S. Elopement Packages

*Starting price $3500

- Ranging from partial day to full day documentation 
- Personalized elopement coordination
- Get to know you & your vision questionnaire
- Personalized list of locations ideas
- Vendor recommendations
- Custom timeline
- Unlimited Zoom Calls to nail out the details
- Ultimate Planning Guide for eloping outdoors
- High resolution images in an online gallery to share with friends and family
- All basic travel costs included to anywhere in the Western US (Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, California, Utah,  Colorado and Wyoming).

Courtney made the process SO easy! She does more than just photograph your day. She cares about you having the BEST elopement experience possible! I'll never be able to thank Courtney enough for making our dream day happen!

Courtney was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire planning process. We knew we wanted an elopement that still included some of the traditional aspects. After our first call with Courtney, we knew she would help guide us in the right direction in planning our perfect day.

Courtney made planning easy by always providing us with ample information so that we could choose what worked best for our vision. She gave multiple options for our ceremony location along with recommendations for a local florist and bakery. When we had questions or uncertainties along the way, she always had so many ideas that we could choose from. It really helped us in creating the stress-free day that we dreamed of.

The actual elopement day went without flaw. Courtney provided us with a detailed timeline and helped keep everything on schedule. Courtney is so personable and makes you feel comfortable. She brings a positive and fun energy and wealth of knowledge and experience which helps create beautiful pictures.

Not only did she help in the planning process, but our photos are absolutely gorgeous! We were beyond impressed with all of our pictures and love showing them off. We would totally recommend Courtney to anyone looking for an adventure elopement!!

Hannah & Garrett

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Wedding Wire


Courtney has a very warm and bubbly personality that shows through her work! She made my husband and I feel SO comfortable throughout the whole day.

We were very confused on how to start planning our adventure and she was there to answer a lot of our questions in the beginning and honestly with a very short time frame! We planned and got married in 6 weeks, because we knew we really wanted her there for our day and that is what she had available! It was a challenge well accepted for all three of us.

Our day was perfect. She captured our true essence of love and laughter and each photo shows it. There weren't very many set up photos unless we asked for them. She just gets you in the moment!

You can absolutely tell that Courtney loves what she does and wants your day to be perfect. She listens to you and really tries to understand you as a couple first and then uses that within her photography skills.

If you are looking for an adventure/elopement photographer I would highly suggest Courtney Lynn. We will be looking at and reliving our elopement forever thanks to her amazing photos. You won't be disappointed!

Amber & Ryan

Courtney was so helpful during the whole process! She helped put together a wonderful day!  She really wanted to make sure our wedding was just right for us. She made our elopement perfectly formulated for us, and I can't think of a more beautiful day!

One of our concerns going into an elopement was wanting to have pictures that let us remember the entire day. Courtney was there from start to finish and captured the whole day! Because of her outstanding work, we can share it with our loved ones, and they can experience the event almost as if they were there. We also really appreciated that she captured genuine moments between us instead of making it a photoshoot.

It felt like we were hanging out with a friend, and we think that helped us enjoy our day to the fullest.
If your dream wedding is an adventurous elopement day, I couldn't recommend Courtney more. She went above and beyond and was such a joy to work with throughout this whole experience.

She made us feel at ease and relaxed. Some wedding photographers are all about capturing posed moments that can be really awkward; that's NOT Courtney's style at all. Not only was she down to do whatever we wanted and go on little side adventures, but she made us feel comfortable.

She captured our true personalities and who we are as a couple! When looking at our gallery, our love for each other and our personalities can be seen in each image! She is extremely talented and did a phenomenal job of capturing the beauty of our wedding location. If you hire her, you will not regret it!

Sadye & Matthew

We are SO happy we decided to go with Courtney for our wedding photos! Originally we were supposed to elope in Italy, and she helped a TON with planning things like travel and what our day was going to look like.

Then the pandemic hit and we realized we probably weren't going to be able to go to Italy. So, we decided to change locations to Glacier!

She made it super easy and stress free, and helped plan what our new day in Glacier was going to look like!

Courtney was super easy to spend the entire day with, very friendly and fun to talk to! Even though our day didn't go exactly how we planned due to the weather, we all just went with the flow of it and it still turned out to be an amazing day!

If you're in doubt, just hire her!! You won't regret it one bit and you will get so many incredible photos to look back on your day!!

robbie & Aryton

Courtney’s guide was VERY helpful! Everything from finding a place to stay/what to wear to how to explain to people “why” you’re eloping!

The experience was unforgettable! Courtney was very helpful and guided us where we needed to go within the park! She was very knowledgeable and helped us with our “awkwardness” when taking photos! She was very laid back but in a good/productive way! She makes you feel very comfortable!

She helped us get permits that I had no idea we had to have! She also was able to be flexible with the schedule. We had a hiccup by getting lost on our route to where we were supposed to meet her but we made it work! Her reassurance helped us make up for time we lost when we were lost on our way there!

Courtney is seriously the bomb. This is your sign to just go for it!

Chelsea & Keaton

We really were not sure what we wanted for our elopement. We didn't need much: just the 2 of us in a beautiful spot enjoying the day. Courtney sent us a comprehensive list of locations that fit our needs, and when I asked follow up questions ("Would you go with location X or location Y? Here's what we like about each..."), she wasn't afraid to tell us which one she thought we'd love the most!

The location she helped us to choose was absolutely PERFECT for us. It was also located in a region that we probably never would have explored if it weren't for Courtney, and we absolutely loved the several days we stayed in the Beartooth Mountain region.

We felt like Courtney really did a great job of sensing what we needed. The photos she took were absolutely incredible, and I was really shocked by how many we got! I literally could not believe it when I saw it.

I would recommend hiring Courtney in a heartbeat.  She was so helpful, flexible, and gave us a great final product. We're so happy we hired Courtney for our elopement!

Sophie & Reid

When my now husband and I started planning our elopement, we were confused to the max. We didn’t know where to start or how to go about planning anything. We knew we wanted to get married in Ireland, but had too many options on exactly where. After doing some research of elopements, I was scrolling on Pinterest and came across some BEAUTIFUL photos taken by Courtney!

Courtney  made the process so easy! She is organized, professional, sweet, and so so funny!! Courtney does more than just photograph your day, she cares about you having the BEST day! She helped us plan EVERYTHING! Even down to the little details, like what type of shoes to wear! She helped us narrow down where, giving us her informative opinions on each of our options! She gave us cool ideas that we could incorporate into our special day. No idea was too big! When the day came, we had the absolute best time exploring and getting married! After we exchanged our vows, we went to celebrate at a local pub (Courtney’s idea ;) ). It was a blast!!

Our elopement was an absolute DREAM COME TRUE! I will never be able to thank Courtney enough for making it happen. So for anyone on the fence, swaying back and forth about whether or not work with Courtney on your big day, SWAY NO MORE! You’ve found your person!! My day couldn’t have been any better and my pictures are beautiful and capture the fun we had!!! I can’t wait to work with her again!

Taylor & andrew

My now husband and I decided to elope for our wedding at Mt. Rainier NP, but we had NO IDEA how we were going to pull that off. After searching through many different elopement photographers, I came across Courtney’s website.

Her portfolio is what really drew me in – but her personality (as shown through her website) is what sealed the deal for us. Before our wedding day, Courtney offered us endless advice to plan our perfect day. She even has a guide that she gives her clients and that in itself was a lifesaver! I found some vendor recommendations on there that we ended up using for our wedding (example - an elopement makeup artist). It can be overwhelming to book everything but she helped us make sure we had everything set along the way.

Our wedding day was so much fun. Part of the day we were with family, but the later part it was just me, my husband and Courtney. We went on a little hike and had a little picnic and it was so relaxing. We are really glad we chose Courtney to be there to document our day with and for us. She is so much fun to be around, and she also makes you feel really comfortable throughout your whole day! Thank you so much, Courtney! Our photos are amazing!

Sarah & Alex

"Planning for our day and the day itself would have been completely different without Courtney. We only knew that we wanted to share our vows in the Tuscan countryside and have beautiful photos, and Courtney planned the perfect agenda for that to happen.

She coordinated our timing around sunset, and not only were the photos breathtaking, but the actual evening was too. I remember looking out over the vineyards as the sun set, the view becoming more and more stunning by the minute. There were no moments that felt forced or posed, every shot was comfortable and fun and full of love.

Courtney is such a sweet, kind, fun person and we truly enjoyed spending the day with her. Courtney helped us to turn our dreams into reality, and we hardly had to do a thing. She allowed us to be in control of our day but gently took all of our wants and needs into consideration while making everything happen. Lastly, our pictures are just magical. Courtney is an incredibly talented photographer, and I feel so lucky that we were able to work with her. I would recommend her over and over again to anyone eloping."

Ellie & Zac

"Let. Me. Tell. You. It's not the technical aspects of photography that are the most difficult. It's the human aspect. Remembering that as a Photographer, you may be behind the lens but you are still a human, in front of other humans, in some of the most raw and intimate of moments.

Courtney balances both of these necessities (but rarities) with poise, great direction, and an overall kind calmness that just makes you breathe a sigh of relief. If you've come across Courtney's page and see what you like already, BOOK HER NOW.

Don't spend another second looking for another Photographer that doesn't bring anywhere near the amazing light and spirit that this girl brings right here. Thank you again Courtney for allowing my husband and I to marry each other all over again! The images are stunning and I can't wait to blow them up and hang them in our home."

Shannon & Brandon

"Working with Courtney was an extremely easy experience, seamless, positive and obviously fun. My wife and I went on our honeymoon and wanted to surprise her with a surprise honeymoon adventure session.

Courtney worked with me to make that dream gift for my wife a reality. Meeting and posing for a photographer for the first time can be intimidating, but with Courtney it was anything but that.

Courtney is extremely positive and helpful and made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera. She played some of our favorite songs and before we knew we were just having fun and she was catching them every second. Perhaps the best part of our session was that Courtney knew all the characteristic and peaceful places of where we were, which made our photos even more extraordinary.

She kept the focus on my wife and me. When we shared our images with friends and relatives, everyone complimented on Courtney's aesthetics and the emotion she was able to capture. I can't thank Courtney enough for exceeding all our expectations with this photo shoot!!"


"Pick her -- she's the best! Courtney is amazing! Seriously! If you're thinking about eloping you should snatch her up to capture your day. She makes the entire experience fun and relaxed plus the pictures just blew us away. I will never forget our magical time in Venice and I'm obsessed with the gorgeous photos Courtney took of us. She's so so good!"

Jami & Tim

Don't take it from me,
Take it from my past couples!

trusted by & seen in

You’re in the right place!

I’m here to guide you through EVERY. SINGLE. STEP.

Let’s toss that’s confusion out the window and focus on how you want to get married!

Let me relieve those feelings of being lost, save you time, tell the story of your day and let’s get started creating a day that you’ll never forget!

So, if you know you want to elope,
but feel unsure on where to start, 

contact me & let's get starting creating your dream elopement!

...and you want an amazing storyteller to document your day

Courtney listens to you and really tries to understand you as couple first, and then uses that within her photography skills. She captured our true essence of love and laughter and each photo shows it!!

mountain elopement packages

Now you can get the adventurous elopement day you deserve without the confusion.

I'm Courtney, and I specialize in documenting adventurous elopements for couples who love the outdoors!

When I got married I knew nothing about elopements. The only thing I thought I knew about elopements was that you went to the courthouse to get married and that’s it. (palm face!)

So, I thought I only had one option--a traditional wedding. Looking back I wish I knew what eloping was really all about!

So, that’s why I do what I do. I’m an Elopement Photographer so that I can help you get married exactly how you want!

I’m here to give you permission to take that road and to have the unique experience you’re looking for.

Plus, you’ll have a photographer who cares to tell your story.

The search for your elopement photographer ends here.

let's get started!

All you have to do is let me know your date, which package you'd like to book and a general location! No specific location is needed, because I'm here to help you pick out your dream location.

After you contact me we'll hop on the phone and I'll dive go over everything with you!

How do I secure my date?

I don't guarantee a certain amount of images, because every single elopement is SO different! It depends on what activities you do and how many hours I'm documenting your day for.

I always send as many as I possibly can for you! Probably more than what you know what to do with :)

How many images do I get?

Heck yes!!

I have had the honor of document many elopements across the world! I love to travel and have currently been to 17 different countries!

Do you travel internationally for elopements?

I'm here to be more than just a photographer for you! I'm here to help coordinate your day from beginning to end!

I'll help location scout for you, plan and pick out activities for your day, create a timeline for you and be there throughout your day to document and coordinate so everything goes smoothly!

How do you help plan my elopement?

You can definitely include those who matter the most to you on your elopement day! Elopements don't just have to be two people!!

I typically have a cut off of 25 people, because any more than that it's gets difficult to keep the focus on you and create an experience around you.

How many people can I have at my elopement?

I prepare my couples in every way possible to know what could possibly happen when eloping in the outdoors. It's super important to go into your elopement day with an open mind and to embrace whatever type of weather could come your way!

If the weather gets dangerous or it's impossible to work in then I do everything in my power to help you out whether we move your date back or change the hours of your elopement on that day.

What happens if the weather is bad on my elopement day?


All basic travel costs to your location that is accessible by a 2WD car and standard commercial airlines is included!

Do I have to pay for your travel in addition to your packages?


Give me your thoughts on your elopement!*

Tell me about the best adventure you've been on!*

date & location*

Where do you currently live?*

Phone Number*

How'd you hear about me?!*


You & your fiance's full names*

Let's freaking do this!!

You wanna watch this... Trust me!

I got your back!

I guarantee that this will be the easiest process you could imagine.

No number of questions is too many to ask as we start to create your dream elopement. With an unlimited amount of Zoom calls to hammer out the details and logistics no stone will be left unturned!

You’ll walk away with incredible memories, gorgeous images that will last you forever, and even a new adventure buddy :)

It’ll be the best decision you ever made.

I'm ready for my epic elopement experience!