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Are you wondering what exactly an elopement is?

Here's How I Define What an Elopement is!

What is an elopement?

Eloping is truly all about having an intimate experience. 

Eloping is about having a stress-free day and being able to get married exactly how and where you want.

Eloping is about the experience you get to have on one of the most important days of your life.

Some people may think they know what an elopement is or what it's really about, but let me break the overall impression you or your family members may have of eloping.

It's not about purposefully leaving your family out or running away and secretly getting married or even saving money. That's not what it's really about. Not truly.  

It's about you. It's about committing your lives together in an epic place wherever you want and starting out your lives together on an incredible adventure. 

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Your elopement deserves to be documented from beginning to end. 

Yep! You heard me right. I am definitely suggesting you hire your elopement photographer (eh-hem--that would be me!) to document your elopement all day! You may be wondering what on earth I could take pictures of for 8 hours on an elopement day. Well, the answer is so simple!

Our memories are fleeting and you'll soon forget the little details of that day and if you don't have beautiful images to remind you it will soon be forgotten. 

You wake up, you and your fiance hop in a jeep and head to a rad AirBnb in the mountains, you spend a few hours getting ready and write out a note to each other, you share an intimate first look, hop back into the jeep for some off-roading and head to your epic ceremony location, have a beautiful ceremony and first dance by a lake and then stroll around, and then head back to your AirBnb where a private chef awaits, have an incredible meal and end the day by a camp fire having s'mores and it's all documented from the beginning to the end. 

Everything! From the time you open your eyes till your head hits your pillow that day is one of the most important days of your life! Do you really only want to have pictures from two hours of that day?!

But, Imagine this.

you'll be able to look back on your elopement day and remember it like it was yesterday. 

You deserve that.

What's the difference between an intimate wedding and an elopement?

You may think that the difference between having an elopement and an intimate wedding is defined by how many people you choose to have witness your marriage, but I don't think that is an accurate definition.

Choosing to have an elopement is about the experience you want, but what if you have the same intention as a simple 2 person elopement, but you want your closest family and friends there?

So, in the end, it's about your intentions on your wedding day. As long as you want to have an amazing experience I would love to be a part of your incredible elopement!

I define elopement by the type of experience you want and not by how many people you want by your side on your wedding day. So, whether you have 5 or 50 people, but you want to have a stress-free day and want to keep the focus on the two of you and how you want to get married-Call it whatever you wish!

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Are you ready to make your elopement dreams come true?!

..and have the best third wheel you could possibly imagine come along?!

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Ready to stand out from the crowd with knock out photos?

Let. Me. Tell. You. It's not the technical aspects of Photography that are the most difficult. It's the human aspect. Remembering that as a Photographer, you may be behind the lens but you are still a human, in front of other humans, in some of the most raw and intimate of moments. Courtney balances both of these necessities (but rarities) with poise, great direction, and an overall kind calmness that just makes you breathe a sigh of relief. If you've come across Courtney's page and see what you like already, BOOK HER NOW! Don't spend another second looking for another photographer that doesn't bring anywhere near the amazing light and spirit that this girl brings right here. The images are stunning and I can't wait to blow them up and hang them in our home.


Shannon + Brandon

My fiance and I were so lucky to work with Courtney for our engagement photos. She did such a amazing job and took the most beautiful pictures! Not only are the pictures absolutely stunning, she made the picture taking process so much fun! Courtney has such a great personality and made us feel so comfortable. She also gave us guidance on how to stand, what do to, where to go, which made it very stress free. We are in love with our engagement photos and so thankful for Courtney's ability to capture such wonderful photographs.

Courtney has such a great personality!

Melissa + Justin

Courtney is a magician with a camera! She is really great at coaching and made us feel comfortable and natural during the whole session. We did a photo shoot on giant sand dunes with more wind than we had planned. We ran around in the sand and had a lot of fun. Even though the wind was blowing like crazy and we weren't sure what the outcome would be, our final images were gorgeous keepsakes that I will treasure forever. Thank you, Courtney!!

"Courtney is a magician with a camera!"

Kim & Lewis

I can’t thank Courtney enough for the breathtaking shoot we had! I have seriously been obsessing over the photos since I’ve got them & had the absolutely best time shooting with her! Her work is phenomenal and she’s so personable! I’d highly recommend her!

"Her work is phenomenal and she's so personable!"

Anna & Justin

Courtney did an awesome job on our elopement pictures! She gave us directions on natural poses which just had everything going super smoothly and fun. The outcome looks just amazing, we received the pictures earlier than expected and they are all just looking wonderful! Thank you so much again, Courtney!

"The outcome looks just amazing!"

Julia & Matt

I just received my photos from Courtney and absolutely love them! She made our photo shoot experience seamless and exciting. She has done a wonderful job capturing true moments in our photos. I would highly recommend her!

"She made our photo shoot experience seamless and exciting!"

Sabrina + Connor

Last night Courtney did a session with my boyfriend and I, and I am in love with our pictures. She captured our true happiness, we had so much fun with her. Thank you so much Courtney, you are a true artist.

"I am in love with our pictures! You are a true artist!"

Ariana + Dave

Courtney is amazing!! My husband and I wanted some photos for our anniversary and we love them! She suggested the perfect location and she made things so easy for us. We aren't used to getting our pictures taken but she made us feel relaxed and it was truly a great experience. She is professional and you simply can't go wrong! Hurry and book her!!

"It was truly a great experience!"

Sarah + Nick

Courtney was awesome to work with! We had so much fun and she handled our many jokes and inability to stay serious so well. Her posing felt natural and she was all for our cuddly-ness. She delivered the gallery quickly and we love the photos!

"Courtney was awesome to work with!"

Miranda + Trevor

If you're looking for candid pictures with a special touch, don't think twice before booking your session with Courtney! I knew that the shoot went well and I expected the pictures to be pretty but they actually turned out to be out of this world!!! I definitely recommend Courtney for high quality pictures that will make your memories last a lifetime. I can't thank you enough Courtney :))

"Don't think twice before booking your session with Courtney!"

Haya + Leo

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